Joshy - The Original Cuddlesome Curly Cat

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Joshy’s pedigree name is Crinkles Reed and he is a red Selkirk Rex Longhair. He was born on 5th June 2007, and came to live with us later that year when we went to buy one Selkirk Rex kitten and came back with two! We had originally gone for his half brother Jack (Crinkles Jack Frost) but could not resist Joshy’s cheeky face and manner. Later on Jack’s younger sister, Tiffany (Crinkles Forget Me Not) and another half brother Murphy (Curlu Nate) joined us and numerous non-pedigree rescue cats. Sadly in 2018 Jack & Tiffany passed away with cancer but Joshy’s young great nephews Cookie & Cracker (Noontide Cookie Starstone and Noontide Jack Sunrunner) and great niece Fae (Noonetide Fae Petalsprite) came to live with us to join their half brother and another great nephew, Dylan (Noontide Berry Silvertree) , who arrived here in 2018.

Joshy has his own Facebook fan page. it is a secret group but genuine people can ask to join but please don’t be offended if we ask questions before we let you in. If you would like to join it, especially if you have met Joshy at a show, please email to ask.

Joshy has a  rather endearing permanently grumpy expression which, like the famous and sorely missed “Grumpy Cat” of America, belies his sweet, loving and adorable nature. We often say he is Britain’s version of “Grumpy Cat”!

Joshy also has his own email address and you can contact him at it by clicking on the envelope icon below  if you wish. he will do his best to answer all genuine emails but will delete and block any offensive ones. He is a very busy cat and does not always get on the computer every day so sometimes there may be a delay but please bear with him and he WILL get back to you..