Joshy - The Original Cuddlesome Curly Cat

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 WHAT a weekend we had! We had a nice drive down on Friday with Joshy

in his comfy buggy carrier on the front seat and all was good until we got to

the hotel and then we found we had not got the ground floor room we had                asked for. The man kindly gave me a hand to get Joshy up the stairs in his buggy but he lifted his        end so high that poor Josh went VERTICAL!!!!!  He was so upset he shot straight under the bed when we got there and sulked! Anyway, I think he realised it wasn't my fault so he came out and let me cuddle him eventually, I was so upset he had been upended that he obviously felt that he had to purr lots and tell me it was OK,  I chuckled and stroked him but then said "Joshy, i need to get to sleep!"  So he did go quiet for a bit and I  fell asleep but then he decided that he had to use the litter tray and,  when he had, he obviously thought that he had better let me know that he wasn’ t constipated so he shouted to me from the bathroom, then wondered why I groaned and said "Joshy" in a sighing voice!!! So he then decided to purr some more and wrapped himelf round my head again :-) I finally went to sleep again but then he needed to use the tray again and he thought bhe’d better let her know that he had had a wee so he shouted at me again and guess what? YES! I  wasn't happy again! In the morning I moaned that I’d only had a couple of hours sleep, and his little face looked at me as if to say “how was that MY fault”!

Anyway in the morning he got in his buggy  again and we were picked up by a friend and off we went to London. Joshy was in the back next to a carrier with another curly cat in and although Joshy tried to talk to him he was asleep and never answered. Well, we got to Earls Court again and we went to see the vet who was so nice that Josjhy lay down on her tain his buggy then to a to a posh pen. It seemed like no time before he was taken out and was admired by two ladies who wanted their photo taken next to him and when they had, one went off and brought him back a feathers-on-a- stick toy! He liked it but was not going to ruin his cool Joshy Bond (009 lives, licensed to curl)  image by playing with it in public now was he ;-)

                     In my posh pen                         Being admired                    Cuddles from Cuddle Auntie Donna            Playing wiv my toy

Well, what a day, Joshy was looked at and admired ALL day, even when he was in his pen during one of his rest periods (it's in his contract you know) and was stroked and stroked and stroked by, mainly, LOTS of nice people, and EVERYONE who saw him smiled, that made me feel REALLY good :-).We LIKE making people smile :-). We had journalist  Donna Lipowitz with us some of the time and he had a cuddle early on from friends Carole and Hilary and in the afternoon he went to do a demonstration (and have cuddles!) with  Tania Murray again and a celebrity vet. I also got cuddles from friend Collette  once she arrived after her train was delayed.  Everyone said how well behaved he was, even in the morning when it was REALLY REALLY noisy when the police were abseiling down from the ceiling with their dogs - and they played Joshy’s music, his  Joshy Bond (009 lives, licensed to curl) type music - how dare they!

Well after a LONG day it was finally over and he was given a present of two pouches of cat food by a lady then we was taken back to the hotel by a friend and we stopped off on the way for her to have a coffee and we saw a sight! HUNDREDS of people came off FOUR buses and went in. They was all partly drunk and was all dressed up in suits and dresses (the ladies though there were some men in skirts -  ( kilts but they looked like skirts to Joshy) - and bow ties (the men, I think, at least we didn't actually SEE any ladies with one) and one man had LIME GREEN HAIR!!!!! We hoped they wasn't all going to the toilet as anyone coming in after them would have had a LOOOONG wait!

When we got back I gave Joshy his tea then went off for mine and when I came back we watched a film about people with special powers (but not as special as  Joshy Bond (009 lives, licensed to curl powers!) and then we (well Joshy)  played with the feathers toy he ahd been given and then with the Tigga Towers toy I had bought him and then we went to bed. We were bioth sooooo tired that Joshy didn't even have the energy to purr in my ear all night ;-)

In the morning, after I had been to have my breakfast, we got all packed up and after I  had handed the keys back and the landlord and landlady had coo-ed over Joshy and smiled at him (he has that effect on people!) we came home and Joshy did too!). :-)