Joshy - The Original Cuddlesome Curly Cat

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Joshy is generally a very happy chappy despite his inherited frown and he enjoys going to cat shows and getting lots of cuddles! He went to cat shows as a pedigree cat initially but when he teethed his teeth no longer matched and he became what they call “undershot”, which meant that as a pedigree cat in the GCCF he did not win very much and did not do very well so we decided to try him as a Pedigree Pet where being happy counts a lot more! He did OK in TICA as a pedigree though and won their top title so he is officially called Supreme Grand Champion Ahe has done really well as a Pedigree Pet under his new show name and there he is now officially Supreme Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Master Cat Sr Joshua Purrkins. He enjoys his shows and especially enjoy the lots and lots of cuddles he gets from his “Cuddle Aunts and Uncles” .

You will be able see some of his show results & photos here. Soon

Joshy won a Best in Show!!! At the Abyssinian Cat Association show

on 7th April 2013 he was the Best Pedigree Pet in the show!

Here he is in his “posh pen”!!

Joshy won an Olympian certificate! At the Gwynedd Cat Club show in July 2013 he won his 3rd Bronze Olympian certificate. Here he is at home afterwards with his Olympian and his Best of Colour rosettes.

It was also a VERY exciting day as he spent the day being filmed for a TV taster with

Angelos Epithemiou!

Joshy went to the Supreme Cat Show at the NEC! We stayed in a posh hotel for 2 nights as well. He did well as he was 2nd in a big class of 6 and it was the top class in the show, the UK Grand! He also got lots and lots and lots of cuddles and even more smiles from cuddle aunts and uncles and from visitors, We had a lovely day but he was soooo tired at the end of it. He also got his photo taken by a nice lady of him me sleeping off the weekend when we got home :-).

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Here is also a video of him being judged :-)

Image courtesy of Cat Show Documentary,  

 Video by Carol Walker                                                                                                                

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