Joshy - The Original Cuddlesome Curly Cat

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In October 2017 we went to the Supreme Cat Show at the NEC in Birmingham. For those of you who do not know, the Supreme is like the feline equivalent of Crufts, all the cats have to qualify to enter and it is the top show of the year with titles you can only get there.. It was not Joshy’s first time, he ahd been before but this one ended up being VERY special indeed! In his section, the Household Pet section, they award three big titles, Best Non-Pedigree, Best Pedigree Pet and Best Kitten.

Joshy went withj Dream and Angel, his non-pedigree show buddies, and with hisy great nephew Dylan, Dream, like Joshy is an old hand at this, Angel & Dylan were just still kittens. We stayed for 2 nights in a big hotel, which was good although Dream would not let the rest of them on the bed but he is used to that, she is like that in hotels!

Anyway, the big day came and when we arrived it was a lovely surprise to see Joshy and Dream on the entrance poster!  I settled the cats in their pens and watched all their classes.. Angel won a first but the boy kitten beat her for  the BOC (Best of Colour) meaning he went to be considered for Best in Show and not her.. Dylan won his class of 3 kittens and DID get BOB (Best of Breed for the pedigree side) so he went to be considered but he got nowhere as the judge was one that doesn't like the breed sadly.. So, Joshy , how did he do? WELL!

First he was second in a big class for whay they call the UK Grand. This is a title you can only win at the Supreme and although he has had several seconds he has never won one yet. Then he was considered for my BOC and he won it!  That meant that he was then considered for Best Pedigree Pet Longhair. he went up against about 5 or 6 others and the three judgHIM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it and I do admit I shed a tear or two I was so happy. Even better,  Dream had just won Best Non-Pedigree Shorthair so she was going up on the big stage to be judged against the Best Non-Pedigree Longhair for Best Non-Pedigree and now Joshy was also going up to be judged against the Best Pedigree Pet Shorthair for Best Pedigree Pet!

So, Dream was up first and she WON, she beat the longhair and I WAS  in tears this time as we had been trying to win it with Dream for a long time and really thought she would never do it.. So then it was Joshy’s turn, He was up against a fabulous cat and I  nearly fell over when they announced Joshy as the winner! But ti did not end there. We didn’t know but this year, for the first time, they had decided to have an Overall Supreme Household Pet and a runner up from the three - non-pedigree, pedigree pet and kitten, which was a lovely little shorthair black and white non-pedigree.. Well Dream won it, and , to put the icing on the cake, Joshy was Runner Up!!! Can you imagine how I felt, ! I was bursting with pride for both and in shock and disbelief that not only had I got one Supreme winner, but two at the same time! Needless to say, they both got LOTS of cuddles!!!!!

So, that gave Joshy a new title so he is now Supreme Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Master Cat Sr Joshua Purrkins, I