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Welcome to Malcolm's Penning!

Welcome to our new website. We hope, in the pages to follow, to inform you about our company and products and what we, the company, can offer you, the client. As the site is still under construction please bear with us while we add and improve.

Please note that Malcolm's Penning is the new name for MF Penning (Reading) and that we are no longer connected with any other penning company that may trade under a confusingly similar name.

There is a rumour circulating amongst some cat clubs that we have given up our business. THIS IS NOT TRUE. We have merely relocated but this in no way affects the service we offer.

We are still able to cope with large and small shows THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY and at no extra cost. In fact, for northern shows our prices may be even cheaper due to reduced travelling costs. But this does NOT mean that we have increased prices for the rest of the country.

Read on and feel free to contact us by telephone or email.

We are here to offer you the best penning at the best prices.

Malcolm & Christine.