This is Anthony. At  16 years old, he and his sister are my oldest friends. Patandcarol brought the pair home from the Cats Protection League, as it was then, many years ago, long before I was even born! Anthony is very laid back and friendly and as you can see, is not half bad for his age! he is, now, however, beginning to go a bit deaf. I only hope I wear as well!!  

This is Cleo, Anthony's twin sister. Cleo is very quiet and a little shy but when she gets going she can purr for England! Cleo and her brother came from the CPL and were the first cats that Patandcarol got when they moved here. Now that she is 16 she is suffering a little from kidney problems and arthritis but enjoys her peaceful naps in front of the fire and a daily wander around the run.

This is Tanya who needs no introduction. Isn’t she just stunning!! She is now 15 and is wearing just as well as “The Twins” don’t you think? Tanya is the official mascot of the South Ribble Pet Cat Club to which we all belong. Tanya was Patandcarol’s first “show cat” and has set us all a standard to follow. Tanya has taught me all I know about this showing lark and is training me to be the next Club Mascot.

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