On November 24th 2001 I made my second appearance at the Supreme Cat Show at the NEC in Birmingham. For anyone not familiar with the Show it is the feline equivalent of Crufts, every cat there has had to qualify by winning an Open Class at a Championship Cat Show or, in the case of the non-pedigrees only, a Whiskas heat at a Championship Cat Show. I was very lucky, I had done both, and so I was competing in both the Whiskas Class and the main Class.

We had a great time again! Patandcarol, Bonnie and her sister, Dancer and little ol’ me stayed in the hotel again. Bonnie has done this 4 times now and for Dani and me it was our second stay, she came 3 years ago. On the day of the show I had my wonderful posh satiny deep royal blue curtains and cushions with a silver trim again so I was able to show myself off to purrfection. 

This time there were not as many cats there and so in my Whiskas Class I went straight to the judging ring where I was against 6 other cats. One of them was one who beat me twice at the 2000 Yorkshire show so I had a score to settle!!! It was a different judge to last year so I had to work harder to convince this new judge that I really was the best one there so that I could once more go up on stage for the Finals. It was hard work but I charmed all of them, the judge and her 3 stewards, and at the end, after a long wait, the nice judge held me up! Pat was overjoyed and Carol was nearly in tears, I really don't think they expected me to do it again but I needed to, for them and for my feline "family", so we could have lots of free Whiskas again.

Last year I won my Open Class too, and got Best of Group, but this time I couldn't quite convince the judge I was the best and she put me second to the cat I beat last year. I was sorry I hadn't done it but I had tired myself out seducing the Whiskas Class judge and my mind wasn't fully on it 'cos I knew my mum Pat was really ill and I was worried about her. I would have liked to have had that Final too but it wasn't to be this year, never mind, maybe in 2002!

Anyway I got to the Whiskas Final up on the BIG stage in the middle of the hall and was able to show off to all the people watching (which I loved!) but like last year I didn’t win, but I did have a great time and was classed as an official “Runner Up” and got another lovely crystal decanter and a lot of Whiskas cat food like last year! Mummy Pat had to go back to the hotel as she was ill but Carol was there and had to come up on stage at the end to get my rosette and decanter and to take me back to my pen. It was thrilling 'cos when she came up they read my name out on the tannoy for everyone to hear! Boy, was I PROUD!!!

Then we went back to the hotel and 'cos mum Pat was ill we came home a night early. I was worried about her but she seemed a bit better the next day, just tired. I do hope she will be well enough to come next year, I missed her not seeing me on the stage. I may not have done quite as well as last year but Patandcarol still seemed very proud of me and I know I did my best. It's not my fault that there are one or two judges who can resist my charms and my tail is it!