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Here are some links to sites which I think you will enjoy. Please click on the pictures to be taken to the sites. I will keep adding to these as I go along so please come back! You can also now add your own link on a separate page via the Bravenet Free For All Links Service. (NB as I am a family friendly cat I will check out your links and will remove any that are felt to be unsuitable). ADD LINK NOW.

South Ribble Pet Cat ClubFind  out all about the Cat Club to which we all belong and for which I am the Mascot-in-Training! Also find out about the SRPCC Cat Welfare Trust.

The Infamous Four   Four Scottish cats and their friends. Meet Fredi (Nazís internet friend), Thor, Shastri and Loki. Visit the Hall of Mirrors.


Oldham Cats  The   Middleton-based cat rescue who looked after me as a baby, and where Heidi, Star, Buster & Rascal also came from. Find out about them, cats needing homes and their sponsorship scheme.



Balanced Being

A wonderful holistic veterinary centre in Wetherby who helped Tanya, Anthony, Bonnie and Rocky when they were still with us.

Ringtail Cats   Visit this site to meet other cats who, like me, hold their tails curled. Meet Solomon and his offspring and see more pictures of ME!!


Pippakits Persians








Catsup    Read all about the antics of Spock & Dracs, two very lively Siamese!

Tigger's Hideaway

Pam Reed, Animal Artist