My History
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My story is a real rags to riches one. Read on and find out for yourself!
       Me as a scruffy urchin baby.       Me today as a handsome adult.

I was born in June 1998 to a stray black & white short haired mum who gave birth to me over a grid. She was then taken in by some kind people to a “cat rescue” (Oldham Cats) where she gave birth to my black & white and my white sisters and my black & white brother. I guess that we white kittens took after our dad but I never knew him. My mum would never talk about him. I think he must have left her to fend for herself when he knew that we were on the way.

I spent my first 6 weeks in the rescue with my mum and my brother and sisters then one day I heard our carers talking about someone called Patandcarol who wanted to take me home! Well, this Patandcarol turned out to be two people and before I knew it I was whisked into a basket and taken on a long journey in a growling metal cage on wheels. It went very fast! I cried to my mum as I left but she only said “Be brave, little man, this happens to the likes of us all the time”. I never saw my mum or my siblings again.

At first I was frightened of all the other cats and the great HUGE dog at my new home but gradually we all made friends and the dog turned out not to be fierce at all but very friendly. I really liked a little blue & white girl, Misty, who was only just a bit older than me and I soon forgot all about my earlier life and family.

When I was not quite 5 months old a very exciting thing happened. I went to my first cat show! I didn’t like having to have a “bath” (where they pour water all over you, rub bubbly stuff into your coat and then pour water all over you again before drying you off with a big towel) but the show was fun. I was looked at by people they call “judges” and one very nice one said lovely things about me and gave me something they call “firsts”. I wasn’t sure then what that was but I got lovely red rosettes for it and Patandcarol were very pleased so I reckoned it must be something good.

That was the beginning of my career “on the bench”. I am now 9 years old and having all but retired from my GCCF show career I am busy starting all over again with a foray into "TICA Land"! I also have lots of friends and I will introduce them to you over the next few pages either by links to their sites or on my own feline family pages.

I was very excited in September 2000 to have some portraits taken by the famous cat photographer, Alan Robinson. You can see them here if you like.