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I would like you to meet some of my friends who are now living at Rainbow Bridge. They are all very special and I am sure that one day we will meet again.  


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Siouxie (Siouxie Siouxpurrstar) 2/5/97 - 5/8/10

 Patandcarol got siouxie at 6 weeks old from someone they knew and I think they got her because she looks a lot like Boo did. She was certainly a fierce one!! I think she was a bit mixed up because one minute she was fine and friendly , the next she would have you!! Siouxie suffered from an overactive thyroid and chronic bronchitis for years but both were controlled with medication, however she then developed kidney problems became a little bit senile. In August 2010 Siouxie went rapidly downhill and Patandcarol had to do the kindest thing to prevent her from suffering. We miss our feisty little madam more than we thought we ever would!


Calypso Stormdancer (TICA RW & SGM) 09.03.97 - 15.09.09

Dancer was a VERY lively 12 year old cat who loved to run up curtains, walk along pelmets and chase beams of light just like a kitten. She was a typical tortie—into everything!! She won best in Show at her second ever show and beat her dear departed sister, Bonnie, for Best in Show at their first venture into an FB show in September 2006, a feat she almost repeated when she was best Opposite Sex at the same show in 2007. This photo was taken by that nice Alan Robinson. Dancer was very sad at losing her sister and missed her dreadfully, as we all still do. Like me, Dancer tried TICA shows and found them to her liking. She stepped in last minute at a show in August 2007 after I could not go as I had hurt my tail and she equalled my achievement of gaining the Triple Grand Master title over 2 days! She then gained the ultimate title of Supreme Grand Master at her 2nd TICA show in December 2008. In doing so she not only equalled the fastest time in doing it - just 2 two day shows - but was also the first ever non-pedigree cat to do it without any guaranteed final rings so she did really, really well indeed. I am almost jealous! She was also a Regional Winner he retired from showing early in 2009 after developing chronis colitis and had to be on special medication which did help. Tragically she developed a massive tumour in her chest in September 2009 and patandcarol had to make the difficult decision not to prolong her life and let her suffer. She leaves a hole much, much larger than she was.

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Fflint - (21.04.99 - 28.03.09)

Fflint sadly passed  away very suddenly from acute kidney failuer aged just under 10. It was a huge shock as one day he was fine, the next under the weather and he was gone the next. He was Aslan’s best mate as they arrived on the same day. Fflint came from the same house Siouxie did. He was a real clown and made us all laugh. He went to a few shows  and once won 3 trophies and a Best Shorthair!!! He went to a few more shows but was not really happy so then did not go to any more.  He and Aslan wrote the “Kittens’ Diary” in the SRPCC newsletter for a while, and  also contributed to the "Cats' Chorus" section. He was a quiet, unassuming cat who got on with everyone and we all miss him terribly already.

Belle (Fireside Tigerlily) - (02.99 - 12.08)

Belle, the was our last ever dog  as due ti ill health and work committments Patandcarol cannot have another. Belle was part of the family despite not being a cat and Heidi thought that Belle was her mum, mind you, they were the same colour. Belle was ever such a good dog but her back legs went funny and eventually gave up on her and she became incontinent and was upset and getting old for a Cacvalier and so we had to say goodbye to her just before Christmas 2008. We are sure she is happy now playing with Kim and Ben and all the cats.


Mitch (Curlu Mitch) - (14.04.08 - 10.11.08)

Mitch was a wonderful Selkirk Rex kitten, half brother to our other 3, who came into our lives for far too brief a time. He was a sweet, sensitive little soul who would comfort Patandcarol if they were upset and he had a bright and long future ahead of him, both here and on the show bench. Sadly Mitch was one of the unlucky few and developed FIP in October 2008. He fought bravely for 4 weeks but got too ill and had to be helped over the Bridge less than a week before he would have been 7 months old. We have never lost such a young baby before and we are all devastated.

Sylva (30.09.94-30.09.07)

Sylva was the 4th of my family to cross the bridge in 10 months. Patandcarol rescued Sylva and her 6 kittens when they were living rough under a mobile home. Sylva had obviously been used to better things as you can see she had some breeding in her! Sylva did quite well at shows with a Best in Show at the Northern Counties Show in September 2004 and was the second of my family to achieve her Master Cat non-pedigree title in October 2005. She attended the Supreme cat Show for the very first time in November 2006, at the age of 12, and won best Pedigree Lookalike Shorthair! At the Cameo show in January 2007 she had her first, and last, red card day. Sylva also went to her first TICA show in February and was made up to Double Grand Master. She was beautiful inside and out.


Rocky (22.08.91-26.02.07)

Rocky was 16 1/2 when he passed to the bridge .  He broke one of his back legs when he was young and it would not mend properly so it had to be removed and he spent most of his life with only 3 legs as the vet had to take the bad one away. He didn't seem to mind, though, and he could run, jump and climb just as well as the rest of us. Sadly he was diagnosed with a nasal tumour in late 2006 which the vets could not do anything about but we all looked after him and cared for him until the time came when, for his own sake it was time to cross the Bridge. We hope, that having lost 3 dear friends in as many months, we will all stay together for a lot longer yet and will not have to say goodbye to anyone else for a long time!

Copper (4.5.94 - 11.1.07)

Copper was the second “show cat” in the family and came from the same rescue as Tanya had come from, when she was 7 months old. She retired from showing a few years ago as she was a very bad traveller.  She was such a beautiful cat. Copper  would have been 13 in May 2007 but sadly just after Christmas 2006  she was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma,  the same cancer as Tanya, although at the back of her throat, with secondaries in her lymph nodes and, it would now appear, probably throughout her body. She put up a strong but brief fight and was helped across the Bridge on 11th January 2007 when breathing became too difficult for her. She was a sweet cat who will be sadly missed by us all, and her loss came far too soon upon the heels of Bonnie's.

Bonnie (9.3.97 -  28.11.06)

We never, ever thought we would be writing about Bonnie so soon. She was only 91/2 and seemed in good health when a sudden and severe infection plunged her into acute renal failure and despite fighting valiantly for 5 weeks we tragically lost her on 28th November 2006, a devastating blow. Bonnie was the sweetest cat imaginable and she purred the minute you even looked at her. She had a wonderful show career, winning a total of 13 Best in Show awards. Bonnie was the first of my friends to achieve the Master Cat title which she did in June 2005. We will never truly get over her loss, she was a wonderful cat and far, far too young to die.


Anthony (22.5.86 - 9.1.06)

Anthony has now gone to join his twin sister, Cleo, at the Bridge.  He was 19  years and 8 months old and had been fighting declining kidneys, overactive thyroid, pancreatitis and arthritis for a year.  Anthony was very laid back and friendly and  thanks to the wonderful holistic vet at Balanced Being in Wetherby and Pat's Reiki he survived almost 12 months after the conventional vets wrote him off!  He was finally released from all pain and suffering after a stroke on 9th January 2006. He is the oldest cat Patandcarol have ever had - yet! You can see some pictures of the twins' 17th birthday meal here and Anthony's 18th birthday here.


Tanya  (28.4.87 - 28.4.04)

Tanya was diagnosed with a nasty mouth cancer in January 2004 and bravely fought it for three months until it finally defeated her and she was eased out of her suffering on her 17th birthday on 28th April 2004.   Tanya was the official mascot of the South Ribble Pet Cat Club to which we all belong and an honour which I have now taken over. Tanya was Patandcarol’s first “show cat” and set us all a standard to follow. She taught me all I know about this showing lark and we are all lost without her, she began so much that changed all our lives forever. She was a very, very special cat indeed.

Cleo (22.5.86 - 18.6.03)

Cleo  was Anthony's twin sister. Cleo was  very quiet and a little shy but when she got going she could purr for England! Cleo and her brother came from the CPL and were the first cats that Patandcarol got when they moved here. Cleo, sadly, suffered from a spinal problem called spondolosis which caused her a lot of pain. She was also very old, 17, and eventually the pain and the old age just got the better of her and she died at home on 18th June 2003. Rest in peace gentle lady.


Fudge  (1987 - 2001)

Fudge became a “Bridge” dweller on 26/1/01 at the age, we think, of 14. He was suffering from massive pelvic cancer. He was a huge cat but a gentle giant, and a real gentleman. Fudge won the Cat Match Competition at the same West Riding Show where I got Best in Show. You can also see Fudge again on Fredi Firebeetle’s Heavyweight Page.


Kim.  (1987 - 1998)

Another dog! One I knew myself briefly. She was huge but so very gentle and she too loved her cats. Kim had looks and a wonderful temperament and was beautiful inside and out. Sadly Kim died in 1998 aged 11, her back legs finally became useless and her kidneys began to fail.


Ben.  (1984 - 1996)

Yes, you are right, Ben was not a cat! He was a dog, a loveable rogue of a mongrel who adored “his” cats! He would often get between two of them if they were fighting and would separate them. Ben died in 1996 of stomach cancer at the age of 14.

Ringo.  (1982 - 1998)

I very nearly met Ringo and many of my present “family” knew him. He loved to sit on visitors’ knees and dribble while he purred. He just loved people and everyone loved him. There was many an empty knee after Ringo died in 1998 of kidney failure at the age of 16.  


Whiskey.   (1979 -1994)

I never met Whiskey but I have seen pictures of him . He was stunning but very unpredictable. He lived with former neighbours for a while after we moved but when they had a baby he came back to us. Whiskey died of cancer and pneumonia in 1994 when he was 15.       


Boo.  (1979 - 1991)

She originally belonged to Pat and although I never met her either I have also heard a lot about her. She is very like Siouxie to look at. Boo was epileptic for a while after being spayed and I think she had problems after that too. She was killed by a car in 1991 at the age of 12.


Sooty.  (1974 - 1990)

He was the very first cat that Carol ever owned and although I never actually met him I have heard a lot about him. At the age of 11 he survived a serious attack by two dogs and he also fought kidney disease. He died in 1990 of pneumonia at the age of 16.






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