On November 25th 2000 I made my first appearance at the Supreme Cat Show at the NEC in Birmingham. For anyone not familiar with the Show it is the feline equivalent of Crufts, every cat there has had to qualify by winning an Open Class at a Championship Cat Show or, in the case of the non-pedigrees only, a Whiskas heat at a Championship Cat Show. I was very lucky, I had done both, and so I was competing in both the Whiskas Class and the main Class.

What fun we had! Patandcarol, Bonnie, Copper and little ol’ me stayed the weekend in a BIG hotel, so we had less stress (???!!!???), and it was terrific exploring the room and having bits of steak brought back from dinner. In the morning it was just like any other show except much, much bigger but when I got into my pen, WOW! It was twice the size I am used to and it was all fancy with posh satiny deep royal blue curtains and cushions with a silver trim. Boy, did I stand out against that! I was so thrilled that I just sat in my bed and gazed out at everything and everybody, taking it all in.

Then it really was different to usual shows. Instead of the judge coming round and putting me on a trolley a steward came to get me and put me in a pen in a judging ring, then I was taken out and a lovely lady judge fussed me and the steward cuddled me again. But then the judge lady looked at all the others and went back to the last 3 so I thought it was one of them who had won. But later I found out she was picking them for other places ‘cos she had put me first!! This was my Whiskas Class and Patandcarol were ever so excited ‘cos it meant I went up on stage for the Finals.

Then the same thing happened again in my Open Class, this time with some different cats and this time I was held up at the end as the winner and as Best of Group and Patandcarol were hopping up and down again ‘cos it meant I went up for Best Longhair too!

Those Finals were really something! I was taken up on a BIG stage in the middle of the hall and passed over tables to 3 different judges and in front of lots of people stood watching. I wasn’t frightened though, oh no, I just loved it, I mean, how often do you get the chance to show off to that many people??!! So I just went along and curled my tail as much as I could and really, really hoped I could win.

Well, I didn’t win, but I did have a great time and Patandcarol,said they were so proud of me to get to both Finals on my first visit, especially as in the Whiskas one I was classed as an official “Runner Up” and got a lovely crystal decanter and a lot of Whiskas cat food too! Not to mention 3 lovely rosettes to hang up at home. And I spent the rest of the day sitting proudly in my beautiful pen and being admired by people passing by and taken out and cuddled lots by Patandcarol.

Then we went back to the hotel and spent another night and we all got some more juicy bits from Patandcarols’ dinner and the other SRPCC people staying there came and admired me and my crystal again and I went to sleep that night dreaming of the feeling of being up on that stage in front of all those people and with the applause and kind comments ringing in my ears. I tell you, there is not a feeling like it!.

It is a feeling I will never forget and I do so hope I will be able to have another go next year. I would so like to have the chance again to try to win to thank Patandcarol for giving me the loving, caring home I now have with them and for introducing me to this wonderful world of showing in the first place.