On November 19th 2004 I made my fifth and most successful appearance to date at the Supreme Cat Show at the NEC in Birmingham. For anyone not familiar with the Show it is the feline equivalent of Crufts, every cat there has had to qualify by winning an Open Class at a Championship Cat Show.

We had a great time again! This time only Carol, Bonnie and me stayed in the same hotel that we always use. Bonnie has been more than me and we are both now well used to everything.  On the day of the show I once again had those wonderful posh satiny deep royal blue & silver curtains and cushions which flatter me so.

This time there were again less cats there than ever but the competition was as fierce as it always is, especially as I had last years Supreme Non-Pedigree cat, Billy Bean, in my Class! He beat me last year, and in 2002 as well, and I had a score to settle. Luckily I had a judge who seemed to like me and as she held me up for 1st she said I was wonderful!!  Then I had to beat the girl, a lovely 10 year old black & white who belonged to one of our members, Lynda Morrison. Smudge, the girl's name, was at her first Supreme, can you believe that, 10 years old and never been before, but she did really, really well and I was a bit afraid that she might beat me but at the end of the day that lovely lady, Irene Roos, held me up triumphant and called me "super!"

So, it was again up to the BIG stage in the middle of the hall and I was able to show off to all the people watching (which I loved!) and I remembered  from 2001 just what to do and I strutted proudly across in front of the judges.   I had a great time and it was very close, so close that the judges had to pick again, between me and another cat, and, I could not believe it when they announced my pen number as the winner! I had done it, I was officially the Best in Show Supreme Non-Pedigree Longhair!!!!! !  A HUGE cheer went up from all the South Ribble Pet Cat Club members stood at the front of the stage and Carol was in tears and ran off to phone Pat and tell her, it was such a shame that she couldn't be there at my greatest moment. 

I was then up against the Best Shorthair, Billy Bean's mate, Duke and, to be honest,  and not big-headed, not really, I honestly did think I did better but Duke looks much more like a "proper" non-pedigree and even though he did teach the judges a few more swear-words under his breath they still chose him. Still, it didn't matter, we were all so proud that we will never, ever forget that feeling, ever! Then Carol had to come up on stage at the end to get my rosette and certificate and to take me back to the special BIS LH pen. I really enjoyed posing in there with my big rosette I can tell you!

Then we went back to the hotel and Carol gave me a celebratory cigar (catnip of course!) and brought us some steak back from the meal. I had a great time playing all night, just as I did the night before, so I think Carol was glad to get back home for a rest!!!!


Us on the bed in the hotel - chilling THAT pen! Enjoying my cigar