Supreme Cat Show 2008

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On November 22nd 2008 I made my sixth and final appearance at the Supreme Cat Show at the NEC in Birmingham. For anyone not familiar with the Show it is the feline equivalent of Crufts, every cat there has had to qualify by winning an Open Class at a Championship Cat Show.

This was the first time I had been since I won Best Longhair in 2004  as first I had retired for a while then, just as I was about to enter for 2007 I injured my tail and could not go to shows for ages. I am very sad about my tail, actually, as it no longer curls like it did, but, hey ho, at least I still have it!! Anyway, back to the Supreme! Although I have been at TICA shows with other drapes, this time Patandcarol decided to bring out my "lucky" drapes again, those wonderful posh satiny deep royal blue & silver curtains and cushions which flatter me so.

I had to sit around for a bit as one of the cats in my class had been delayed so the judges kindly gave him time to arrived but he did eventually and I saw it was Zero, another lovely white cat who I met once before, at the National Cat Club Show in 2002 when he beat me in the Open class. As the other cat in the class was a lovely black boy I had also met before I knew it was not going to be easy so when the judges eventually got round to doing our class I really pulled out all the stops to impress her. It was touch and go and was very, very close as the judge took a good 10 minutes to decide between me and Zero but my posing and prancing must have worked as she chose me!!!

So, come 2pm there I was back up on the BIG stage in the middle of the hall showing off to all the people watching (which I loved!) and I remembered  from 2004 just what to do and I strutted proudly across in front of the judges.   I had a great time and really wowed the three judges cos they soon announced that I had done it again, I was Best in Show Supreme Non-Pedigree Longhair!!!!! !  A HUGE cheer went up from all the South Ribble Pet Cat Club members stood at the front of the stage and Carol was in tears and ran off to phone Pat and tell her, it was such a shame that she couldn't be there as I equalled my my greatest moment. 

I was then up against the Best Shorthair, a newcomer at only his third ever show, a handsome shorthaired black & white chap called Milo, who mum Carol had actually encouraged to start showing back in June. Well, talk about hold your breath, we were both held up and the three judges looked from me to Milo, and back, and back again and , ... then they announced that by a majority decision .........................................

I WAS THE SUPREME 2008 NON-PEDIGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mummy Carol disappeared under a crowd of our friends and supporters then had to come up on stage to hug me and to collect the trophy, certificate, rosettes etc I had won. We then had to go off to be photographed by Marc Henrie before I was eventually allowed to relax in my posh pen with my even posher rosettes all over it.

But that wasn't the end of it, at home I got my picture in the local paper, then in the Cat World magazine and finally Your Cat came and took my photo and did a lovely article - which you can see here.

Patandcarol now say I can retire from the Supreme and partially from shows but I have persuaded them to let me still go to some shows so people don't forget me!!!!!